Weekend S'update 12.12.14

12.12.14 | By Pat

What's up to all of you out there on the inter webs reading this. Cold temps have indeed returned, and we had a heck of a night in terms of snowmaking, grooming, and yet again this morning as our park crew dug in (literally) and rebuilt Freedom. As of right now, we have 21 features installed, with the hand crew working to install a handful more throughout the course of the evening. We're hoping to add a few features over in Plaza II hike park tomorrow, giving the fine folks at the T-Bar something to watch besides some college basketball game they really don't care about. We're also stoked to report that ONE Park over at Jack Frost opened up today too, with a dozen features and two jumps, so if you're looking to double dip, make sure you get over there too! We'll leave you with a picture of the build efforts from today, as well as a powder shot from yesterdays' epic conditions. See you this weekend, you animals... #beboulder


FINALLY - the good stuff!

12.11.14 | By Pat

It's about time Mother Nature got her act together around here. We awoke to a solid 4-6" everywhere, with around a foot where the wind has piled it up for us. So what does all this mean? We're going to have a killer riding surface tonight, as well as for the rest of the weekend. Cold temps return, and we're also going to be able to fire our snowmaking system yet again and get even more coverage, as well as terrain open for you. We'll be doing a rebuild on Freedom tomorrow, and if the stars align, our plan is to start chipping away at features on Love, and potentially the Plaza hike park. The reality is, we still need more snow in these areas, so we may hold off on placing features in lieu of getting more snow down. We'll keep you posted how things progress over the next few days. Of course tomorrow, Jack Frost also opens, and it sounds like they'll have around a dozen trails, as well as top to bottom features on ONE park, so make sure you get over there tomorrow morning and get the goods. We'll be open at 3pm today and tomorrow, and 8am on Saturday. 'Winter' has returned, now get out here & enjoy it with us!


One Step Forward, One Step Back

12.09.14 | By Pat

Well, that winter storm we were all prepared for, wasn't exactly all it was cracked out to be. Instead of a bountiful harvest of snow, we were 'blessed' with a mixed bag of freezing rain and slop, with more on the way today. That leads us to make the tough decision today, and not open for business today. With the roads being questionable at best, not to mention the condition of the hill, we've decided it's in the best interest of you, the customer, if we re-open tomorrow, with a better product. Allegedly there is REAL snow coming, so that will mix in nicely, and we'll have this place back in order for you. Any changes in this, we'll be sure to let you know, but as of now 3pm tomorrow is the next time you can catch a chair with us! Thanks for sticking with us, #beboulder .


12.05.14 | By Pat

We're stoked to announce the annual TransAM event presented by Transworld Snowboarding is BACK, right here where it belongs at BBP. The date is set- Saturday January 10th, and registration is LIVE over at . Don't slack, as this will cap out. Some details on the set-up: Anon- Anon is sending two 8ft long boxes with mailboxes on the top (with plexi in between the mailboxes), Zumiez- Zumiez is sending the ever famous couch feature, Ride is sending the Ride KINK Rail which is 16ft of straight rail that goes into a left/right fork of 8ft each (Y Rail). Analog is also in the mix with two 8ft stair sections, as well as one 8ft rail. Needless to say we'll be getting plenty creative with this one! HCSC & Giro round out the lot with some basic rails and jersey barriers that we'll certainly be setting up in a fashion that allows for multiple line options. Needless to say, this will be one hell of a contest. Back to the immediate matters at hand- we're out on Freedom currently adding another 6 features for the weekend, so if you're braving the tropical conditions to come shred with us tonight, you'll be treated to some fresh set-ups. It will be business as usual this weekend, turning lifts from 8am - 10pm tomorrow, and 8am - 8pm on Sunday. Don't forget we've got our Sunday night specials on tap, where snow passes & rentals are just $18. See you this weekend, right here at BBP...


Back At It...

12.04.14 | By Pat

Things are on the up & up here this AM here at Big Boulder PARK, and we're pumped to get back to spinning chairlifts at 3pm today. Our grooming fleet is out there getting after it right now, sprucing up Freedom, and tilling out Love, Boulder, Bunnies, as well as Upper Sitz to get this place dialed. You won't see a fresh set-up on Freedom tonight, but our plan is to get in there tomorrow and switch some things around, pending our snowmaking efforts tonight. As always, check for the latest updates on the slope report, as well as our Instagram if you want to see 'live action' so to speak, @bigboulderpark . We'll check back with you tomorrow to give you an update for the weekend...

Screen Shot 2014-12-04 at 9.48.27 AM.png

Closed TODAY 12/3/14

12.03.14 | By Pat

Despite my post earlier this AM, conditions have continued to deteriorate, primarily with visibility and freezing rain, so we've decided to close for the day. Hopefully that doesn't upset too many of your apple carts, but it's the right decision in terms of offering you a valuable product. SO- with that said, back to business tomorrow, regular time, pricing. Hope to see you all out here!

Come on, Man!

12.03.14 | By Pat

What's up with this weather? After what was a strong start with snowmaking and sustained temps, we've now settled into a pretty ornery weather pattern for lack of a better term. Regardless, we're still out here getting it done for those of you coming out to BBP, and we thank you guys for sticking it out with us on some of these dreary days. So, the update for what's coming down the pipeline: Freedom Park is still up & running, and we've switched around a few things, added a tech box set-up at the bottom, and are hoping to get a rebuild done potentially tomorrow or Friday AM for the pending weekend. One thing we pride ourselves on, is how often we are able to do these rebuilds, as it allows us to be creative, and keeps things from getting stale for you guys. We still have no features on Love or Boulder Park, as we are trying to keep those slopes open for people who are simply here to shred or ski. We're getting some good temps the next two nights where we can continue to add snow on these two hills, so hopefully within the next week you start to see the emergence of Love Park, and potentially even a small hike park. As for today, we wanted to remind you that it's the start of our 'College Series', meaning we pass on the savings to registered college students at Jack Frost & BBP. While Jack Frost still isn't open, those of you looking to get out to BBP tonight can enjoy $18 lift passes, as well as $18 rentals, tonight, and every Wednesday night the rest of the season. We hope to see you out here, and we also hope you're continuing to do those snow-dances, and finger crossings for more cold temps. Don't forget to check out our daily 'grams over at


Getting in the groove...

11.29.14 | By Pat

These temps were amazing for us in terms of snowmaking, so we're stoked to add Boulder as a slope today. From here on out, we'll get into our regularly scheduled operating hours (meaning yes- we are open next week), here's a quick run down:

Saturday 8:00am-10:00pm
Sunday 8:00am-8:00pm (don't forget about the Sunday Night Special starting at 3:00pm all snow passes AND rentals are just $18!)

Snowsports School will be open with a modfied schedule:

Snow Monsters 11:00am-1:00pm
Discovery ski and board 11:00am -1:00pm
Intermediate Lesson 2:00pm
Equipment Rentals are available, and of course the Cafeteria & T-Bar will be open (Boulder Bombs anyone?)


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